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Since Zuri arrived, I’ve been trying out different strategies to build the bond between my oldest children and the baby. My oldest (bonus/step) son, Yasir is 16 and now my 3 year old son, Samir is the middle. Beware of the middle child. At least that’s what they say, right? However, I don’t take any stock in that since I’m a middle child. Heh.
When she was first born, and all the help my family left, I had a tough time transitioning with Samir, and the baby.

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My Baby Suffers From Ezcema And This Is How I Cleared It In 1 Day


Attention: This post is NOT sponsored and the extreme excitement is real.

Last week, after 5 months of suffering, Zuri finally found relief to her itchy and dry skin. Because she inherited this skin condition, from both sides might I add, she got it bad.

It was heartbreaking to see my 3 month old scratching her little arms as best she could at that age. Scratching in the night interrupted her sleep. And we all know that nothing should dare wake a sleeping baby! This sounds like a ghost story. Well, it is. And the monster?….Eczema.


Here’s a list of things I used consistently to soothe her eczema, each for a period of time, with mediocre results:

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Get Your Blogging Digital Files Organized | Stop Losing Money

In 2016, you don’t need me to tell you that we are a pretty digital society. Many magazines are going out of print because we are reading them online or just not buying them. Every business, brick and mortar, along with online ones (atleast those who want success with a greater reach) has a blog. And CDs? Come on now. Apple just up and decided to continue to shape this piece of the digital market by taking out cd drives completely out of all new Macbooks.

A store rep told my sister when she upgraded that in a few years we won’t be using CDs because we’ll be using everything online. This was a sad day to learn this because I love my collection of CDs—Whitney Houston’s The Greatest Hits and Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terelle’s The Complete Duet Collection. But honestly, it’s true.

Yes, I jam to all my favorite tracks like I’m Your Baby Tonight and Dirty Diana, but on a regular day, do I pop in the MJ Number Ones CD I got in the 10th grade?

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10 Closet Organization Hacks That Will Save You Time

Poor closets, they are usually victims of terrible abuse and misuse. They get overpacked with randomness. They can’t see through all that randomness. And they just want to breathe.

Do your closets and yourself a favor by using these simple hacks to treat your closets right…for once. The time you save by not having to look for things can be used to learn Portuguese…or something like that.

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11 Simple Sleep Saving Remedies for a Teething Baby

Drooling, that little finger in his mouth, red cheeks…teething is cute until it gets real.

Anybody who has lived with a teething baby or through one of her episodes, I salute you.

This can be a trying time, no joke. You’re sad because your baby is in so much pain and you’re frustrated because at times, there’s nothing you can do about it…oh plus you’re tirrrrrred. The baby doesn’t sleep much, so neither will you. Buuuut there are ways to get a bit more sleep.

Here’s a list of remedies* that may help ail your baby and in effect, you.

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My Spring Vision Board | Spring Cleaning + Healthy Eating
Oh, spring. I love your introduction of the sun after hibernation, but not the pollen. I got late onset allergies about 8 years back, so weird. So, I’m sneezing along with the best of them. That has dampened my love of Spring a bit, but not enough to rid myself of the feeling of renewal and the annual urge to cleanse my body and my space.
I have a vision for each space for this season of purge that I’m eager to accomplish. And I’ve gathered my favorites from Pinterest. Let’s share.

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Match Your Personality With One of These 5 Goal Setting Planners

Match Personality Planner


It’s the end of February, on the last day of this month in a leap year might I add. Remember those resolutions from January 1? Oh…those. Now, be honest…… Have you already slipped on your goals for the year?

So, the good thing is that if you have, it’s not too late for you! I have an eclectic round up of my favorite planners for goal setting and for actually getting stuff done.

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