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I’m Shadé, a mom of 3 who believes we, as women, are built to create beautiful things, whether it be DIY projects, businesses, and even children.
I create for and work with entrepreneurial women and Momprenuers who are passionately approaching her zenith.
I inspire and educate her on how to live with freedom and flexibility by DIYing her family and business into empires while streamlining a life, family, and work balance.

I have always had the entrepreneur spirit. I’ve had a side hustle since I started working.
The re-birth of Approaching Zenith was a blessing in disguise. After working for a non-profit for 2 years as a program manager turned sour, I left during my maternity leave for my second child and never looked back.
So, now this beautiful business and community is my full-time along with being a mother of 3 and wife.
I am a Mompreneur myself, so I understand the challenges we face.
We need tools and strategies that will fit seamlessly into our life because we don’t have time to waste on things that don’t work.
Let’s build our family and businesses into empires…because even as soloprenuers, building a business can’t be done alone!


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*If you want to see my old stuff, visit here.

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