Planting for Beginners

Easy Planting for Beginners

There’s nothing like digging a hole as a full body workout! Whew! I was dressed to workout on Saturday, and then thought, “Wait a minute. I need to dig a hole to plant the plants, so let me go ahead and change into my digging clothes.”
Boom, Saturday workout complete.
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Planting for Beginners

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On Saturday, I planted a fully grown plant for our front yard landscape and I planted a pot for flower seeds.
 I bought all these materials last spring  as an attempt to fufill my goal of doing more gardening and this included building a box garden. I got none of that done.
So, here’s the catch…..I was 5 months pregnant and had little motivation to go out and dig holes and play in dirt. So that’s what happens when you don’t plan out your goals fully.
But now, I’m ready to rock and roll. Check out my spring vision board if you don’t believe me.


  • A Pot
  • Soil
  • Fertilizer
  • Flower Bulbs or a Full Grown Plant/Flower
  • Gardener’s Gloves
  • Hand Shovel (optional)
  • 20 Empty Water Bottles/Newspaper
  • Water



Planting Materials

Gladiolus Butterly Flower Bulbs

Here’s a shot of Buddah with the pot to give you perspective on how big it is. It was about $15 at Home Depot. Last year I got the pot, soil, and fertilizer during their Spring Black Friday Sale, which is also going on right now.

Buddah + Pot


  1. To make the pot lighter and before you add soil, add about 20 empty water bottles to the bottom or enough to cover the bottom third of the pot. I just got these out of our recycling. If you don’t have bottles, use newspaper.

Bottles in Pot

2. Add soil until you get almost to the top.

3. Plant bulbs. According to the box for gladiolus butterfly plants, I had to make sure I did a few things while planting:

  • Need at least 8 inches of soil (for the roots)
  • Plant bulbs about a square foot from each other
  • Plant an inch under top of soil
  • Layer the planting of bulbs every two weeks.

I’m out of room to plant any more bulbs in this pot. My mom in law told me gladiolus really like to be put in the ground. So the layering of bulbs makes more sense when you look at it that way–More space to add more bulbs.

Seeds in Pot

4. Cover bulbs with soil.

5. Add a handful of fertilizer.

6. Have your little one water your newly planted bulbs (little person addition is optional).

Enjoy your fresh plants when they arrive in the summer. I just can’t WAIT until I can cut some for an arrangement for our living room. I’m learning this homemaker game.

Are you interested in doing any planting or buying plants?

PS. Don’t get ferns…well unless you were taught how to care for ferns by a fern sensei. RIP to our glorious fern, we did our best. April 2015-June 2015.


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