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In 2016, you don’t need me to tell you that we are a pretty digital society. Many magazines are going out of print because we are reading them online or just not buying them. Every business, brick and mortar, along with online ones (atleast those who want success with a greater reach) has a blog. And CDs? Come on now. Apple just up and decided to continue to shape this piece of the digital market by taking out cd drives completely out of all new Macbooks.

A store rep told my sister when she upgraded that in a few years we won’t be using CDs because we’ll be using everything online. This was a sad day to learn this because I love my collection of CDs—Whitney Houston’s The Greatest Hits and Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terelle’s The Complete Duet Collection. But honestly, it’s true.

Yes, I jam to all my favorite tracks like I’m Your Baby Tonight and Dirty Diana, but on a regular day, do I pop in the MJ Number Ones CD I got in the 10th grade?

No! I open up my ITunes, to where I uploaded all my albums, then search Michael Jackson and get my stroll on. And better yet, if I already have a Youtube tab open, I search Workin’ Day and Night right there and play on.
[Tweet “Michael Jackson still lights up my life”]
Coffee and laptop

So what does this mean for us consumers including bloggers and business bosses of the like?

We must be able to hold and access all these digital files. And this doesn’t mean just having the digital space for it (I needed to upgrade to the 64 gig IPhone like yesterday). But it means to have all these files ready to access at a moments notice. Every minute loss is a minute we could be interacting with clients, or networking. And in effect, every minute loss means money is lost.

“So, how do you do that?” you ask? We must have all these things organized to be better efficient.

I remember a former co-worker, who was a cool girl by the way, but who saved every. single. thing. she downloaded to her desktop. I just couldn’t believe it.

How in the hell can she find something she needs, if it’s all saved to one place in a cluttered fashion?!

…Not even organized in alphabetical order… And even worse, when she needed a template we needed for a deadline, she always asked me if I could send it to her.

I’m a nice and especially patient person, and the first few times, it’s like..oh ok, no problem. But if the ask comes every time we have a deadline, I’m like, ok now. Wayment. I have this deadline to meet as well, and sending this document to you is taking up my time!

If it even takes one minute, those minutes add up over the days, and not to mention one minute more I had to be in that place. That wasn’t my favorite place to be, if you can’t tell already.

If you are like my coworker, who is diligent and kind, but just needs some structure in her office organization, then read on my friend…I secretly hope my former coworker is reading too.

Note: In order to give you an in depth view of my digital file organization, this post is image heavy. So get your scrolling fingers ready.


Approaching Zenith Folders


Pretty explanatory, but the visuals and feel of Approaching Zenith go here. I’m working on a bit of a tweak to my visual branding, and I can’t wait until it’s ready to present to ya! Sneak peak below.

AZ Branding


The business folder contains documents that relate to the business side of blogging.

AZ Business



AZ Content


Blog Posts

There’s a separate folder for all my blog posts and within that folder, each post gets it’s own folder to collect images for that post.

AZ Content. Blog Posts

Social Media Posts

The social media folder includes the social media graphics I use and design. Once a graphic has been posted it goes into Used. I do this about once a week, so that I save time later while looking through less files as I schedule posts.

AZ Content. Social Media


Valuable free content that I give in specific blog posts like this one.

AZ Content Upgrades


This is where I keep my social media and blog stats and other info I need to evaluate views, likes, shares, etc. It’s a holding place until I upload them to my Evernote.

Evernote is my right hand girl. The base coat to my polish. So, if you’re interested in seeing my Evernote organization, let me know in the comments below.

AZ Evaluation


AZ Images


Also known as Research, but Learning sounds more fun.

I’m consistently looking for more information and reading articles and books to perfect my craft of blogging, which is different from writing (which was my focus in my master’s degree). Blogging is a full career with intricacies and factions. At this point I’m a solopreneur, but you can see why eventually, many serious bloggers form real teams with people at the head of marketing, graphic design, etc.

AZ Learning


Here’s a peek inside my favorite folders in the Learning folder:

Campaigns + Launches

AZ Learning. Campaigns and Launches


AZ Learning. Productivity


And speaking of productivity… here is the folder that holds all my publishing calendars. Basically anything that is going to help keep me on track, streamlined, and efficient goes here.
AZ Productivity


My products for sale. Product creation is my absolute favorite because I enjoy the process of an idea coming into fruition as I create it for women who’s lives I truly want to make simpler and happier. I’m working on adding many more.

AZ Products


Live video workshops that I have done and ones I’m working on are here.
AZ Webinars


The website folder is here to keep track of the design elements of my website and the plugins I use just as a back up.

If I’m reading an article that includes cool WordPress plugins to use, the plugins folder also helps me to take a quick glance at what I already have without having to open up my WordPress dashboard.

AZ Website

Website Plugins

The downloaded folders…
AZ website Plugins 1
…plus the files I had to compress into a zip file, so that I could upload to my WordPress site.
AZ Website Plugins 2

 When I first started blogging in 2009, my folders were not this exact.

My file organization became more intentional, once I became more intentional about my blog.

I decided that I wanted to turn my blog into a business, so my organization had to follow suit.


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