Match Your Personality With One of These 5 Goal Setting Planners

Match Personality Planner


It’s the end of February, on the last day of this month in a leap year might I add. Remember those resolutions from January 1? Oh…those. Now, be honest…… Have you already slipped on your goals for the year?

So, the good thing is that if you have, it’s not too late for you! I have an eclectic round up of my favorite planners for goal setting and for actually getting stuff done.

I’m a true believer in writing things down, especially goals. There is so much power in seeing the words on paper, right in front of you. If you have slipped on your goals, it’s probably because you haven’t written them down and layed each action step out, so that you are actually successful.

I love different features of each one of these treasures. I don’t have them all, but if I weren’t aiming to be financially healthy (also known as not getting whatever I want just because I want it) I would use each of these planners and for a different purpose.

In November, I always get that itch to search for my next planning tool that will set me straight in the next year. I am a paper planner kind of chic—just gotta see it down on paper. This past December, I went for a planner that caught my eye a year ago. So I purchased it, then shared with my mom and sisters. They were inspired by my weekly spread and then all agreed that they also needed a planner to get their goals in check this year.

As I was going on about  how I would use my planner to my mom, I realized that my planner choice wouldn’t be a good fit for her. I’m a bit Type A when it comes to planning and her not so much. I suggested one of the planners below that would fit her structured but laid back planning style. Can you guess which one?

Let’s see which planner matches your goal setting style.

Slay Your Day Planner

The Slay Your Day Planner

“The Organized Fashinista”

A planner that helps you create the blog, style & life you love breaking down the day in Daily Quadrants™. Every single day should start with gratefulness and clarity. And everyday you should feel beautiful and want to take the day head on to make your dreams come true. The Live What You Love planner is your manual to do all four of those things.

Mattie James aka Mattieologie has mastered what it means to be a blogger business woman with style. If you are an online influencer out in the streets taking care of business all while wanting to look the part, this will be the greatest asset to your success. The layout of this planner is so unique. I haven’t seen anything like it, and I’m a planner connoisseur.


Visionary Journal

Visionary Journal

“The Structured Visionary”

You start with the big picture areas of your life that you’d like to focus on, set S.M.A.R.T goals, create a 90- day action plan while committing monthly and weekly to completing the tasks that will move you closer to achieving your goal.

This planner is great for all of us who are looking for a more structured approach to setting, maintaining, and accomplishing our goals for the year. The pages guide you step by step to layout your vision, goals, and each action step so that you get to where you envision yourself to be.


This is My Year

This is My Year

“The Simplistic Goal Setter”

This time, Myliek shares new and encouraging strategies for you to master 2016 and make this your BEST year yet! Learn how to:

Adjust and Achieve your goals

Determine YOUR season and how to use it to your advantage  

Incorporate self-care into your New Year strategy

Create and apply your OWN definitions of success and happiness!

Myliek Teele is the owner of one of the first, if not the first, subscription box for hair lovers: CurlBox. She’s been around for a while, so she knows how to stay focused and run an empire. I am in love with the self-care piece that is woven into this journal planner. As busy as we as tend to be, it is easy to forget about taking care of our mind, body, and spirit. We gotta oil this machine, if we want to keep moving!


Daily Greatness Journal

Daily Greatness Journal

“The Athletic Visionary”

The colors of these planners light up my life! This is another step by step guide to setting and reaching your goals. This journal was created by a yoga instructor, so it makes since that all of the goal planning tools get into the mind and spirit of the user. You can write out your goals and reflect on them in depth. Other planners are available including the Daily Greatness Business Planner, and awesome choice for a business woman working towards greatness.

Erin Condren LifePlanner

Erin Condren LifePlanner

“The Playful Creative”

You will be wowed by all the designs this planner has. If you can’t find one that suits you, then you must be high maintenance and hard to please. The selection is so expansive in part because Erin has an open forum where fans and customers can share how they plan and their “asks” for the design team to include for the next edition. You can even change the layout of the weekly pages based on your planning style. This planner is colorful, fun, and open so that you can create whatever you can imagine.

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Did you notice? All of these planners were created by women. So, if you don’t have a planner yet, are looking for a better way to accomplish your goals this year, I highly suggest you purchase one of these in support of female entrepreneurs. The best kind;)

Click on the links below to see all the deets for each planner:

Slay Your Day Planner

Visionary Journal

This is My Year

Daily Greatness Journal

Erin Condren LifePlanner



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