Twist + Wrap Head Wrap Video Tutorial

Coming to you with the easiest head wrap tutorial. I cover my hair everyday, but when I want to put a little spunk into my outfit, I wear what I call an Updo Head Wrap.  I last wore this on my anniversary date with my honey. 6 years son! This wrap always makes me feel sexy and cool, and that’s exactly what I was going for.

Twist + Wrap Head Wrap Tutorial

Medium + Long Hair | Put hair in high bun and wrap around the bun

Short Hair | Wear hair as is and wrap the scarf around itself. If you want to see this action, just leave me a quick message down below and let me know!

Try the twist and wrap when you’re out and about and tag me @mszenith7 on social so I can see it!

Hope you enjoy!
Head Wrap 3 Blog
Head Wrap Knot
Head Wrap 2 Blog
Head Wrap Side
Head Wrap 1 Blog

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