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Hey hey! I’m Shadé


I create content about wellness and entrepreneurship for women who think of themselves as creatives.

How can we be great without healthy minds and bodies?

I’m thrilled to talk with women to help them generate buzzworthy ideas to launch and maintain their brands and businesses. Getting women online to take advantage of all the diverse people in the world makes our ideas greater.

After doing things the hard and overanalyzed way for so long, I have dedicated myself to finding simpler tools and strategies to stay consistent and share my message and the message of each woman in our community.

I have always had the entrepreneur spirit. I’ve had a side hustle since I started working.
The re-birth of Approaching Zenith in 2015 was a blessing in disguise. After working for a non-profit for 2 years as a program manager turned sour, I left during my maternity leave for my second child and never looked back.
So, now this beautiful business and community is my full-time along with being a mother of 3 and wife.
As a female entrepreneur myself, I understand the challenges we face.
We need tools and strategies that will fit seamlessly into our life because we don’t have time to waste on things that don’t work.
Let’s stick together girl…because even as soloprenuers, building a business can’t be done alone!


Here’s to the top,



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